Loving Lynx Maine Coons is a dual registered cattery in Knoxville, TN.

We are selectively developing a genetically healthy wild look that we call our “Loving Lynx”. Maine Coons with big paws, lynx tips, sound temperament, beautiful muzzles, tall ears, long tails, heavier boning, and generous size. Absolutely no wild cat blood a completely domestic cat breed with a extremely dependable temperament. They are a healthy blend of American and European bloodlines. Each bloodline we have selected has been for optimal health.

TICA Member In Good Standings Since 2006.

healthy bloodlines

All of our adults go through DNA health screening. They receive a comprehensive set of results for 40 genetic diseases and also tests for 20+ traits (including blood type, coat colors, coat types, and morphology). Maine Coons should be health tested at minim for HCM, PKD, and SMA. Not only will you find healthy bloodlines with us but we also make sure our cats are mentally healthy.When the kittens are in our laps they are in the nursery room. Our nursery room is design for safe age appropriate play for kittens. Notice we have no high shelves that could injury young kittens just learning how to balance.

LovingLynx Kitten Playroom

LovingLynx Kitten Playroom


Our Maine Coon Kittens are raised underfoot with our family; they are members of our family. We provide lifetime breeder support and encourage all of our homes to stay in touch. We believe in breeding responsibly. We test the parents of each litter to make sure they are negative or normal for specific health conditions. When our Maine Coon Kittens leave they will come with:

  • Sales contract

  • Health guarantee

  • Registration paperwork

  • Altered (spay/neutered)

  • Examined by a licensed veterinarian,

  • Age appropriate vaccinations

  • Vaccination record

  • Micro-chipped

  • Carrier

  • Litter-box trained

Maine Coon breeder

We are located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our home is within easy driving distance of Illinois, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama, to name a few neighboring states. We have had kitten families drive from as far away as Michigan, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Our closest airport is TYS (30 minutes away). Let us express extreme gratefulness to the Maine Coon breeders around the world who have made our dreams possible.


The world’s Largest Domestic cats

Maine Coons are the largest of all the truly domestic felines. Some Maine Coons can reach almost 30lbs fixed. Average size of course varies. The Maine Coon breed holds the Guinness World Record for the longest domestic cat breed. The longest domestic cat living measures 120 cm (3 ft 11.2 in) and was achieved by Barivel (Italy), as verified on 22 May 2018 by Guinness Book Of World Records. Longer than heavy.

Maine Coons grow quite slow and can take 3-4 years to mature! Their average lifespan ranges from 12 to 15 years. Some report a lifespan of 15 plus.

Maine Coons are known as the gentle giants of cats. He is docile, loving, calm with a playful temperament. They are sustainable for all home types. Generally, low energy needs as adults, kittens will have medium energy needs. Maine Coons are a fantastic choice for an exotic pet cat despite his large size, feral look, and wild features his roots go back past the 1800s. Experience the call of the wild in your living room without destroying your home. That is why we call them the “Loving Lynx”.

Maine Coon, 6 Months Old, Calico Color

Maine Coon, 6 Months Old, Calico Color

Maine Coons can weigh up to 30 pounds with an average weight of 17+ pounds. Their body mass is spread evenly throughout their long slender body. Slender cats can weigh 9-14 pounds but can still look the same as a more substantial set. Weight should not be guaranteed. Their massive tails can measure up to 16 inches in length. Some remark they are more tail than a cat.

Maine Coons are one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically native to the state of Maine, where it is the official state cat. Tall tales of a mating between a cat and a raccoon or bobcat are false, a genetically impossible myth. The breed did develop into a hardy and robust cat designed to cope with harsh New England winters after being brought over by the Vikings.

Maine coons are available in a variety of 75 different color combinations. Popular colors include blue, red, black, white, silver, and brown. They can be with white patches of varying degrees or solid colors with no white. Smoke is often confused with black color. Smoke is a black cat effected by the inhibitor gene. The odd-eyed Maine Coons is a fad; odd eye color can be concerning as blindness in one eye could be possible but not always. 

Maine Coons are registerable with TICA, CFA, and FIFE. CFA and FIFE have different standards calling for significantly overall type because of this; you will find bloodlines referred to as European or American style.

Although initially bred for valuable hunting skills, today’s breed is a slow-paced hunter that is more likely to lick and cuddle your mouse than hunt it. 

The Maine Coon has a notable gentle disposition, loves to cuddle, loves everyone, has low energy needs, and can adapt to any home. These gentle giants are not only stunning but the highest caliber temperament. Lynx tips were rumored to be inherited from the European Lynx; however, this is genetically impossible.